International Students

The NETCRAFTZ Counselors from the International Admissions Office will serve as a resource to you and your parents or guardians throughout the application process and during your stay at the NETCRAFTZ. These will be your primary contact for any questions or concerns regarding visas and immigration issues and a host of other matters of concern.

This section offers information about a wide range of topics useful to incoming international students and scholars, both before and after their arrival. ISSAC provides support in the development of NETCRAFTZ policies and programs relating to issues particular to international exchange and additionally works with organizations that serve the needs of NETCRAFTZ's international community.

The center works with the administration and faculty to build friendship agreements with other educational establishments and assists overseas student and scholars' organizations in planning activities such as Orientation, International Students' Day, and other related events. One year fee for foreign students is $2650.
  1. Know your course

    Go through our website and brochures to look for the program of your choice. There are several Diploma  and P G Diploma  programs to suit your calling. In case you need any help regarding the choice of the course, contact the International Relations Office, we would be glad to guide you forward.
  2. Eligibility Criteria

    Admission to the course of your choice is subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria as prescribed by the netcraftz . Hence, international students should thoroughly run a check on the criteria listed before applying for any program. Browse the website for detailed information, or you may also contact the International Relations Office.
  3. Fill the online application form

    You can fill the online application form available on the NETCRAFTZ website. 

    The self-funded students will be required to pay the application charges of USD 500. Students applying via Study In India program students need to pay only the prescribed amount towards health insurance charges.

  4. Completing the Application

    The application form should be duly filled along with all the documents. The following are the documents required to be attached to the admission form and to be carried along upon reporting to the university:
    1. Certified copy of the grade equivalence to marks by Boards/schools.
    2. Transfer certificate/school leaving certificate/testimonials/No objection certificate.
    3. Copy of the passport.
    4. Proof of NRI status of the student/ parents/ sponsors (in case of NRI students).
    5. Passport size photograph (recent).
  5. Provisional Admission

    On receiving the application form, the netcraftz will verify the documents and check if they meet the eligibility criteria of the NETCRAFTZ  If the candidates fulfill all the eligibility criteria, a provisional admission letter would be sent along with fee details. The provisional admission letter can be used by the students to obtain visas in their respective home countries.
  6. Final Admission

    After completing the formalities of visa and depositing the stipulated fee, the students should report to the University for Final Admission. The NETCRAFTZ will send the admission letter on receipt of all the required details. The students should carry the admission letters while reporting to the NETCRAFTZ at the commencement of the academic session. All the international students.

    NRI/PIO students do not require a visa. International students are required to have a valid visa.

  7. Registration at Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

    All the foreign students and scholars on arrival in India have to register with the FRRO within the prescribed period (Usually 14 days). This is a mandatory requirement of the central government and the representatives of the University will assist the international students with the documents required to fulfill the same. A bonafide will be provided to the student upon submission of a copy of the passport, Visa, and admission letter. The same can be further used by the student to register with the FRRO online.
    1. It is mandatory for all international students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival in India.
    2. NETCRAFTZ will guide and assist students with all the required processes needed for FRO/FRRO Registration.
    3. All International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan have to fill online application for a Registration Certificate (RC) & Residential Permit (RP) on arrival to India.
    4. In case the initial visa is not endorsed for the complete duration of the program or the student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the program in the stipulated time, the student should apply for an extension of the visa before it expires.

    For queries, write to

  1. International students who wish to study in India should obtain a Student / Research Visa before traveling to India.
  2. Visa can be obtained based on the Provisional Admission Letter issued to the student from the University.
  3. The student should apply for a Visa before coming to India by contacting the Indian Embassy in his/her home country.
  4. The Indian Embassy will be able to tell the average turnaround time for a visa application, which may vary from 3 to 8 weeks.
  5. Nationals of Nepal and Bhutan do not require a visa to enter India. However, citizens of Nepal require a visa when entering India from China.
  6. A separate Visa regime exists for diplomatic/official passport holders.
  7. Candidates with PIO or OCI status do not require a student visa.

For any further information please get in touch at and +91 8296110577

Documents Required:
  1. Filled – in the visa application form
  2. Passport of a minimum validity of 6months with at least 2 blank visa pages.
  3. Provisional admission letter issued by Jain (Deemed-to-be University).
  4. Recent passport size photographs.
  5. Address proof-photocopies of any utility bills, driver’s license, copy of rental/lease agreement.

The following points will give you a quick preview of what should be taken care of before you look forward to departing from your home country:

  1. Ensure that you obtain a visa from the Indian Embassy/ High Commission in respective countries.
  2. For students traveling from African countries, Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory before entering India.
  3. If there are certain medicines that you are supposed to consume due to any medical reason prescribed by a doctor, please carry them along. It is also suggested to carry the prescription of that medicine for any further reference. Kindly carry a medical fitness certificate and inform the University in advance regarding any chronic illness.
  4. Make sure that you carry the originals and copies of your certificates/degrees, letter of admission, and at least 10 No’s passport size (about 2 X 2 inch) photographs.
  5. Please carry all the fee receipt in original provide by the University against any payments made.
  6. Money can be carried money in the form of Traveler’s Cheques, which can be easily redeemed at the airport as well as several foreign exchange offices and banks, alternatively, US Dollars can be exchanged at various authorized foreign exchange outlets in India.
  7. Keep all the valuables, important documents (Passport, Visa papers) in the Cabin baggage, to avoid the possibility of their getting misplaced during transit.
  8. Keep all the contact numbers handy in case of need.
  9. Residential power supplied in India is two-wire 220-240 volts. Many power outlets are universal and accept many plugs without an adapter. A combination receptacle for types C, D, and M is usually present.
  10. It is mandatory to obtain health insurance upon your arrival in India. You may seek help from your University for the same.
  11. It is mandatory to follow the rules and regulations of the University upon your arrival. Please adhere to the guidelines, dress code, and maintain decorum.
  1. The distance is from Bengaluru International Airport to the institute  is approximately 42 km (1.5 Hours).
  2. Campus Address: 
  3. We advise you to read the time taken for Baggage Claim at Bengaluru International Airport. (The approximate time for baggage arrival is anywhere from 7 – 45 minutes.

Metered Taxis are available from the Airport. It’s better to hire Taxis run by Meru, Easy Cabs, Uber/Ola, and state-owned operators.


Alternatively, you can opt for an air-conditioned, bus shuttle service from Airport to various parts of the city. The bus service is known as “Vayu Vajra” and is run by state owned BMTC. The first bus originates from the Airport at 06:15 HRS IST and thereafter every 30 minutes till 23:05 HRS IST. Some hotels arrange for an airport pickup if you have booked a hotel to stay in. You can purchase a city map available at bookshops at the airport.

Upon your arrival at the NETCRAFTZ, one of our executives will guide you in completing the admission formalities (collection of registration and tuition fee, briefing on the course taken, the commencement of classes and your campus details) and also registration procedures with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

Getting around

One of the most prominent cities of India, Bengaluru has left its mark on the world map. Inspired investments and a burgeoning industrial sector have transformed the city into one of the most happening places. Information Technology, Hospitality, Research, and Development have spurred a growth trajectory that has attracted a host of leading Indian and international organizations. The result is a cosmopolitan city that embraces all cultures and creates space for all to live in harmony.

However, Bengaluru scores a point over many ultra-modern cities. This Garden City has maintained its rich heritage despite the cosmopolitan nature. Living in Bengaluru will bring you in constant touch with the rich folk forms, literary heritage, and much more that are integral to the fabric of this city.

With modern amenities and a vibrant city life such as malls, multiplexes, you will never be at a loss of things to do. The well-connected routes by road, rail, and air make travel within and outside the city not only easy but also a pleasure. With a huge body of students from different countries, Bengaluru gives you exposure like none other.


The city of Bengaluru experiences very favorable weather throughout the year. The city is located in the Deccan plateau of southern peninsular India and is situated at a height of 949 meters above sea level.

The warmest month in Bengaluru is April and the coldest month is January. The climate in Bengaluru is a dry tropical savanna climate. The summer in India is very hot in other places, while the people of Bengaluru have to use blankets at night during the summers. For this reason, the city is sometimes called ‘the Air-conditioned city’ of India.

Bengaluru has always experienced very soothing weather with warm summers and cold winters. But neither the summers are very hot, nor the winters are very cold. Rainfall takes place quite often.

The maximum temperature level in the summertime can rise to 36°C whereas during winter can even go below 17°C. The average annual rainfall in Bengaluru is 859 mm. The weather in Bengaluru is neither too humid nor too dry.

Here are a few of the things to see and do in and around Bengaluru:

  1. Visit the architectural heritage of Bengaluru at the Tipu Sultan Fort, Vidhan Soudha, St. Mary’s Church, the Bull Temple, and much more
  2. Enjoy the natural beauties at Bannerghatta National Park, Lalbagh, and Shivasamudram fall.
  3. Delve into the cultural heritage at Ravindra Kalakshetra and other centers for folk arts
  4. Shop at the malls, watch movies at multiplexes and take a walk down the famous streets of Bengaluru, and have thrilling moments at theme parks.
  5. Visit libraries and research centers, museums, and other academic centers
  6. Explore the World Heritage site of Hampi near Bengaluru
  7. Take to adventure sports at Savandurga
  8. Witness first hand, the national and international sporting events at World famous stadiums.

Our well-knit network of buses ensures that all your commuting needs to the campus are taken care of. All our vehicles are connected with a central management system, which records load limits, transit time, vehicle wear/tear, and also fuel consumption. Also, a student staying in the hostel can avail of pick and drop facilities from Railway Stations and airports.


One year fee for foreign students is $2000. Only **

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